KATO PolyPaste™  is an adhesive formulated specifically for polymer clays. Unlike other adhesives which are weakened by heat, PolyPaste™ cures in the oven with polymer clay to form a permanent bond. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Bonds Polymer clay, raw and cured!  
  • Bakes in oven with polymer clay.
  • Fix cracks!
  • Thick, tacky consistency allows pieces applied to vertical surfaces to stay put while cured.
  • Can also be used to make textures, grouting, embossing, and gilding flakes (gold leaf) 

 KATO REPEL GEL™ prevents polymer clay from adhering to itself in the curing stage.

  • Non-toxic
  • Repels Polymer clay, raw and cured!  
  • "Bakes" in oven with polymer clay.
  • Make removable lids for vessels, slits for luggage tags and photo frames, fringe and braided polymer clay!
  • Mix with mica powders to make a crackle paint texture *use 
  • Assists in easy removal of cardboard templates that are cured in your piece to hold form

KATO NuBlade+™  6" stainless steel blade with molded handles for clean and precise cutting. Our grip design allows for greater safety and control over standard blades, while it's design allows for flexibility to cut curves.



  • $5.49