Kato Polyclay

The leading brand of oven–hardening polymer clay is "Designed for artists, by an artist".

The superiorworking properties of Kato Polyclay include consistency of feel throughout the line, ease of conditioning without becoming sticky, stregth after curing, and color stability.


Claytoon is a world where artists of all ages build and mold characters. Whimsical, humorous, animated personalities that come alive in three dimensions.

Simple step-by -step instructions make it fun for the whole family to enjoy together.



Our traditional non-hardening modeling clay provides you the opportunity to mold and shape your creative character. The brilliant colors and smooth texture make Van Aken's clay the choice of sculptors, animators, and artists of all ages.


Donna Kato, well known polymer clay author, teacher, product developer, and artist, has worked in the medium for many years. Her book, "The Art Of Polymer Clay", remains one of the most popular and respected texts on polymer clay.

Van Aken has developed the richest and most brightly colored clays available anywhere. Click here to learn about mixing clay colors.

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